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Welcome to The Good News Blogspot! The Good News is real and alive in my own life. Jesus has fulfilled in my life His promise of fuller and more abundant life (John 15), a quality of life I could not have created for myself. I invite you to share experiences with me so we can all grow into the life He offers us all.

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Catholic by call, Jesuit by nature, a preacher/spiritual conversation partner by choice. Learning about getting older, learning to live in the present moment, one day at a time. Learning to let go and laugh.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why this blogspot?

I write as a convert to Roman Catholicism (1988) and late entrant into the Society of Jesus (1991) and relatively newly ordained priest (2000). In the mid-1980s I faced a life crisis as I was about to turn 40. I had committed myself to life and career as our world understands these things, and everything had failed me. The Lord revealed himself to me and invited me into relationship with Him and into priesthood in His Church. Consequently, I write as a Roman Catholic and live as a Roman Catholic, receiving the Lord not only in personal prayer, but in the sacraments and fellowship of the Church.

I hope this blogspot will help you in your journey as a Catholic disciple of the Lord, and as well if you follow Him in a different Christian denomination. It may be that this blogspot might help you if you are a faithful follower of a non-Christian tradition. In particular, I hope these reflections will help you if you have chosen to be on leave-of-absence from the Church or if you have chosen to pursue no religious path in this part of your life.

“We are pilgrims on a journey,/We are friends along the road./We are here to help each other/Walk the mile and share the load.” Others have helped me. I hope I can help you. Please let me hear from you.


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