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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"But Mass is so boring!" Part 4

When the priest speaks the words of consecration, Christ becomes Really Present in the bread and wine as the bread and wine are transformed – transubstantiated – into His Body and Blood.

Then the priest asks us to remind ourselves why we are doing this: “Let us proclaim the mystery of our faith.” And we respond,

“Dying your destroyed our death, rising you restored our life,…”

Jesus’s Death and Resurrection have destroyed our death, and so we have the hope and assurance of rising into new life as we breathe our last on this earth.

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection have also destroyed our deaths – plural. And so we have the hope and assurance of rising into a new part of our lives on this earth as we confront and work through the psychological, emotional, social and economic deaths of this life.

As parents realize that their child has Downs Syndrome and wonder how they will cope, they have the assurance that Christ will lead them through this challenge.

As people realize that they are alcoholic or otherwise addicted, they have the assurance that Christ will be with them as they struggle to face this challenge.

As people speak out against wrongdoing or injustice and are treated unjustly themselves, they have the assurance that Christ walks with them in this unjust treatment.

In all such cases the challenge, the injustice never have ultimate power over us, because Christ has destroyed the power of the challenge, of the injustice to hurt us ultimately.

“By your cross and resurrection, you have set us free! You are the Savior of the world!”

He frees us from worry about ultimate ends. He makes a way out of no-way.

So, in the Mass when the priest says, “Let us proclaim the mystery of our faith,” say – proclaim! – the mystery of your faith, recognizing that this mystery – Christ destroying death and restoring life – is at work in your life. Invite the Lord into partnership in your own life, and put the mystery of His Death and Resurrection to work in the concrete reality of your life.


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